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“I purchased custom pants and a sports coat from Charlie. He took great care to get the fitting perfect. The materials he recommended are perfectly suited to my needs, and great quality. I used to use a custom store in Chicago to get my clothes made, but Charlie exceeded them in quality. I couldn’t be happier with the garments from him, and will be getting more soon.” – Tim O’Brien – Pawcatuck, CT


“It has been a pleasure dealing with Charles Custom Clothiers. Quality products and superb service. Wholeheartedly recommend them for your casual or formal clothing needs.” – Richard Getz – Avon, CT


“I have known Charlie for over 20 years. He has always provided me with great clothing choices. But, the reason I go to Charlie is because he is a professional and ALWAYS has the customer service as a top priority. I cannot think of a time when I have been disappointed. In fact, the opposite is true.  He always exceeds my expectations! a first class operation.” – Bob Hensley – Avon, CT  [/column]

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“I purchased my first suit from Charlie Vendetti over 20 years ago when I began my career in 1991. Although my roles and responsibilities have changed dramatically over the years I have not purchased another suit or even sport jacket from anyone other than him since then. The simple  reason is I like the way his suits fit and feel. The quality is exceptional and it looks great regardless of if it is the first time wearing it or after multiple times being dry cleaned.”  – Keith Hubert – Southington, CT


“Having found Charles Custom Clothier & Shirtmaker’s Avon store, I found not only great custom-tailored shirts, suits, sport coats and blazers, but also a “timeless fashion tailor.” I Have been a client of Charles Custom Clothier & Shirtmaker for a number of years and have found my clothier and friend an authentic source for gentleman’s fashion. Charles provides the finest of fabrics, Sea Island cotton, Italian wools, and Scottish cashmeres; however, its Charles’ “eye for detail” that makes the difference. Fine clothing without any equally fine clothier cannot produce the finished product that those discerning clients that shop at Charles Custom Clothier & Shirtmaker demand.” – Thomas P. McQueen – West Hartford, CT [/column]

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“I highly recommend Charles Custom Clothier. First, I will state the obvious. The suits I have purchased from Charles Custom Clothier were made from the fines fabrics available. Beyond the fabrics the quality of clothing, there is the expert tailoring and personal care that the owner provides. If you have an eye for quality, Charlie will not disappoint. But there is something more – something often overlooked or unanticipated. Something that goes beyond the incomparable customer support that Charlie always provides. That something extra is in the way I feel when I wear Charles Custom clothes.  After going through a once in a lifetime job interview process while wearing clothing made by Charles Custom Clothing, I became acutely aware of the valuable relationship between what I wear – how I am perceived – and how I preform. When I wear clothing from Charles Custom Clothier; I know I am well dressed – pulled together if you will. I am confident in my appearance and that’s a major part of making a great first impression. Thank you Charlie for your advice, your wonderful products, and your total quality customer service approach! – Matthew Catania – Avon, CT  [/column]