Solid Style

There’s strength in simplicity. Consider the power of a solid-colored shirt to create an appealing ensemble. The next time you’re being fitted for custom dress shirts, keep these four factors in mind to create an outstanding collection of appealing solid shirts.

1.    Details play a strong role in taking a mediocre look to a magnificent one. Solid shirts don’t have to be boring. Button choices, collar shape, and the cut in general all help to create your signature style.

2.    When you’re being fitted for shirts, consider the weave of the fabric. Distinctive weaving patterns add richness and depth to fabric. Smooth broadcloths are dressier than twills; jacquards offer intricate detailing.

3.    The thread texture impacts the visual appeal of the garment. Handle the fabric: high-quality fabric is pleasant to the touch and feels pliant and natural. Pure cotton, silk, and linen give breathability and flexibility, while blends minimize wrinkling.

4.    Colors for your solid shirts should be chosen with care. Check each color against your skin tone and your suit to make sure the combination is pleasing. Brighter colors are suited for casual or creative surroundings. More subdued colors work in conservative environments.


Add versatility and variety to your wardrobe-without sacrificing elegance-with the strength and power of solid-colored shirts.

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