Fit and Fashion – The Road To Custom-Made Clothing   
Fit and Fashion – The Road To Custom-Made Clothing  

12-10Two roads tend to lead to custom-made clothing; the first is fit. Those with hard-to-fit body types find a welcome relief from the sizing constraints of off-the-rack clothing through creating their own custom fit. Even slight differences from the “average” size in any of several key fitting points can make it difficult (if not impossible) to buy ready-made clothing that fits well. For gentlemen who are wider in the neck, have a long torso, or are otherwise proportioned differently than the manufacturers’ base patterns, custom-made clothing is the best source for clothing that fits, looks, and feels fantastic.

The second road that leads to custom-made clothing is fashion. There is simply no better way to create exactly the look that expresses a unique personality than custom-made clothes. Men with a keen sense of style often turn to custom-made clothing to avoid being limited to the choices (and poor quality garments) sold by big box retail stores. Whichever road brings you to the world of custom-made clothing, we’d love to help you create your personal sense of style and an exceptional fit.

At Charles Custom Clothier, we have over 2,000 suit, sport coat and blazer fabric options, over 1,100 shirt fabrics choices and we take over 20 individual measurements with tools called Perkins Measuring Devices to insure your purchase will fit exceptionally well and make a difference in the workplace.   Call us if we can help you.



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