Do You Have a Good Wardrobe Toolkit?
Do You Have a Good Wardrobe Toolkit?

Shoe treeJust as a carpenter wouldn’t be prepared for his work without a toolbox full of the tools he needs, a gentleman should ensure he has a toolkit with the essentials to care properly for his custom or ready-made wardrobe.

So what should be in this toolkit?

Here are eight suggestions:

Hangers: Thick, well-shaped hangers help you avoid stretched-out or drooping shoulders. Shaped hangers also follow the natural curve of the back, which allows your clothing to hang in a resting state, instead of being pulled straight and taut.

Suit bags: Use suit bags to store your off-season clothing. This tool helps avoids dust buildup and discoloration due to light exposure. Linen, cotton, or any other breathable fabric are preferable to plastic or vinyl, as they allow your clothing to breathe.

Lint remover: Lint, dust, pet hair, stray threads, and more can be removed speedily with a dependable lint remover.

Clothes brush: Keep this tool handy for a quick pick-me-up when a suit is looking tired.

Flat storage: Set aside drawer or shelf space for your knitwear instead of hanging them up. Even the best hangers are no match for knit fabrics’ tendency to stretch and sag when hung.

Shoe trees: Your shoe trees will help shoes keep their shape while allowing them to breathe in between wearings.

Shoehorn: You’ll reduce abrasion and stretching your shoes by using a shoehorn to slide into shoes rather than forcing them on.

Metal polish/cleaner: Cufflinks and watches require occasional attention, so keep a gentle polish or cleanser handy.

When you have the wardrobe essentials close at hand, you’ll be ready for those small problems that can have a large impact on your clothing..


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