Look in the Mirror Next Time You Dress Up
Look in the Mirror Next Time You Dress Up

Exif_JPEG_PICTUREMen’s custom and ready-made suit fashions vary periodically, but the basic elements of fit never change. As your custom clothier, when we tailor a ready-made or custom suit to fit you perfectly, we pay attention to these six key areas:

  • Keep in mind that the eye sees from the head down, so shaping the shoulders to your form is our first priority. The shoulder width should be proportionate to the size of your head and frame. Too-wide or too-narrow shoulders can make your head look unbalanced.
  • Next, we spend a few minutes choosing a flattering collar shape for your face. A spread collar will make a lean face look more substantial, while a straight collar gives a vertical lift. We keep the size of your tie knot in balance with the collar.
  • Whether you prefer a tapered or straight torso, the coat should complement your shape and minimize any imperfections. We fit the coat to your torso to ensure that you wear the suit, instead of letting it wear you.
  • Properly fitting trousers don’t need to be voluminous to allow for ease in movement. We check that they fit comfortably at the waist and don’t require a belt to stay up.
  • Your coat sleeve should end just at the base of your thumb. We allow approximately one quarter to one half an inch of shirt cuff to show at the wrist.
  • We give a careful eye to be sure that trouser hems flatter your style rather than follow fads. We cut the fabric to break once above the ankle, then lie comfortably on your shoe.

A perfectly fitting suit elevates the man. Please don’t hesitate to call us with your individual fit questions..


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